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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Officially Wonky

L wishes me luck at the physio. It should be the physio she's wishing luck to.

The physio tells me that I have damaged my medial collateral ligament. Although I had already deduced this myself after a consultation with Dr Google. So she doesn’t get any points for that, although she seemed to know her stuff about knees. Which she could talk about constantly, without taking breath. I could barely get a word in.

I also have poor biomechanical control of my foot position. e.g. when I try and stand on one foot I fall over. I think I actually just have poor balance .

She begs to differ and suggests my two calf tears, both on my left leg, and now my medial thingy are both caused by my wonky stance. Being wonky meant something had to give and it did. So basically I have to practice being less wonky.

L gets excited. Does this mean I have to do this at the gym? No, in front of the mirror. Which I do when I get home and it totally freaks both the dogs out. Then once they get over their initial shock, they see it as some freaky new game. Getting fit is going to be harder than I thought.

Well at least I haven't been banned from playing squash, not that I mentioned it. I have also been told that my current (pathetic) fitness regime is fine. 

Squash goes ok, I win the first game again. Although the first to 11 idea doesn’t come into play on that one as it finished 16-14, just like the old days. After 5 games we finish 5 minutes early because my calf (not my knee) feels like its done enough.

Time for a free pint at the Navigation as I cash in my January 5 for 4 deal, not that it benefits me. Opponent always pays for the drinks, I pay for the game.

(Thursday 31st January)

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