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Friday, 25 January 2013

St. Dwynwen's Day

L goes into work early, so I walk the boys. It’s always a pleasure and they seemed to enjoy their walk, particularly Doggo. He does love his off lead down the grass verges. The snow is still quite nice along there. We even saw a couple of dogs for MD to bark at.

The forecast says we’re going to get quite a bit of snow this evening. How this will affect the dog show or the match tomorrow I don’t know.

Today is St. Dwynwen's Day, the Welsh Valentine’s Day. So Happy St. Dwynwen's. We really ought to do something Welsh tonight. 

Dwynwen was a 5th century princess who was forbidden to marry her true love. So she begged God to cool her love for the unobtainable one and God did but as a nasty side effect her true love was so cooled that he turned into a block of ice. It's usually the other way around isn't it.

The picture isn't the usual one you see of Dwynwen but I sort of liked it.

Rather confusingly it’s also Burns Night. So perhaps a Welsh meal washed down with whisky is in order. In the end our Friday night in is accompanied by a rather inappropriate Chinese Take Away. So much for tradition.

(Friday 25th January)

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