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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Aesthetic Side Of Boot Sitting

I don’t have to hurl myself in front of the bus this morning; it’s late, well late.

I perhaps ought to do another gym session tonight. What with this twice a month rubbish, at least I’ll then have this month’s already in the bag.

I head down to the gym at around 7pm. L isn’t keen to join me but has to because she hates being outdone. We do John Carroll this time, which gives Doggo a bit of variety for his boot sitting. There’s more to look at the Tennis Centre, well a better class of student totty at least but then you often get a few winos hanging around by JC. That might even peak MD’s interest. He’s not into the aesthetic side of boot sitting like Doggo is but he does love someone to bark at.

A 12km session on the bike, a 2km run and then a severe bout of cramp in calves. Perhaps I may have overdone it by cranking up the resistance level on the bike.

(Wednesday 16th January)

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