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Wednesday 23 January 2013

The Secret Race

I was almost an hour late for work today. The A52 was blocked by an accident and the bus decided to take the scenic route, which never works.

L reports that Waterstones now have a whole table of Lance Armstrong books which includes his now infamous ‘It's not about the bike’, which I never read purely because I’ve never liked the guy but now... I’m tempted. It would be interesting to hear the spin he put on that first victory. L had a copy of the book but unfortunately she’s recently given it away in disgust.

It would be an interesting companion piece to Tyler Hamilton’s ‘The Secret Race’ which I’m currently about half way through.

It’s a fascinating book but as with the Armstrong one, should we really be giving these people money by buying these books. This was the point Nicole Cooke made in her recent retirement speech.

She’s right but also these stories need to be out in the open so that everyone knows what they were up to before cycling can fully move on. It’s a difficult one. I hope Hamilton's conscience makes him give some of it to charity, Armstrong though will need all his just to pay everyone who’s now suing him.

(Wednesday 23rd January)

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