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Saturday, 26 January 2013


Well they predicted snow and boy did we get some. At 7am I’m digging the car out of the stuff with a window scraper. Apparently today’s dog show across near Birmingham is on, so I’m determined to head over, if only for the morning because Derby have an FA Cup match this afternoon.

If the match was definitely on, and it’s too early to know for sure, I’d probably have skipped the show, to ensure getting to the match. The worry is though, that if I didn't go, naturally the match would be called off.

The roads are not too bad, the main roads anyway. Although as I arrive at my destination they announce that the main A52 into Nottingham is closed. Misinformation probably because I just came down that an hour ago.

My aim is to get three of our six runs done by noon and then head back. First up, Doggo who is clear in his run. Then MD gets eliminated but actually did really well. It was a tough one for Grades 1-7 and way beyond our current capabilities as a Grade 3 but we gave it a good bash. Then we do the one that matters Grade 1-3 Agility.

Oh dear. Pole down, can’t be helped, otherwise rather good.

Then having done the three runs I expected to do; we slot one more in for Doggo and then leg it. He is clear but not quick enough to get a placing, as is usually the case.

I head back to Nottingham, drop the boys off, then back to Derby to collect my Father for the match, which is still on as far as I know. Although no one seemed to tell the Derby team as they sleepwalk out of the FA Cup. I think I should have stayed at the dog show.

Back home, MD cons L into giving him a second lunch, I had already fed him. Doggo was complicit in this deception, by his silence and the accepting of a bowl of muchies himself.

We debate seeing a film tonight but don’t fancy anything too long and drawn out. L suggests ‘Chasing Ice’, which has the advantage of being a hell of a lot shorter than the two and half hours of Lincoln or Les Mis, that we ought to fit in some time. Unfortunately we can’t get tickets for it, as it’s sold out. So we book for tomorrow.

Instead we head over to the Victoria at Beeston on bus, without the dogs. Very radical and very pleasant.

(Saturday 26th January)

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