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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It’s About Time We Had Some Decent Weather

The weather drops colder today. They say it will be below freezing by the end of the week with possible snow early next week. Good. It’s about time we had some decent weather.

I walk the dogs because L is in London for work and departs before 6am. Which means the boys and I are out on the street not much after that. At that time of the morning there isn’t much about to upset MD’s delicate equilibrium. I don’t think even the dustmen, due today, are up yet.

As we walk, I ponder a run instead of the bike today. Decision made, I postpone the bike ride until tomorrow and will run tonight. So I’m banking on the really cold weather not showing up tomorrow.

So it’s the bus to work, which nearly has its own bike related disaster. It pulled off just as a chap was outside putting his bike in the side compartment. Thankfully everyone on the bus screamed and the driver stopped.

Then after work, I run home from Sandiacre. I quite enjoy it, ripping up the tarmac through Bramcote. I mean, gently ripping it obviously, I need to look after the knee.

Then dog training, from which we get back just after L arrives home from London. She’s already in bed with a glass of wine in her hand. Good idea, don't mind if I do.

(Wednesday 9th January)

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