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Monday, 14 January 2013


I would suspect that today's snow, some overnight and more this morning, may put tonight's outdoor dog training in doubt. According to the ever reliable BBC, Nottingham had the biggest fall at 3cm. Although, bizarrely our car park at work here in Derby was snow free this morning and I suspected the rest might have disappeared by lunchtime but by then it was snowing again.

The snow, combined with his arthritis, makes Doggo hard work on a walk. He always limps in snow, as he thinks ice on his paws means he’s maimed for life. So you don’t know what’s a real limp and what hypochondria.

I slither to the supermarket at lunchtime, which was well worth the effort. Really quiet in there.

There’s no news on dog class yet, perhaps they’re hoping it’ll clear up later. At least if it’s off, it’ll save our arthritic old man from having to sit in the cold boot. Of course he’s very welcome to stay at home in the warm but he won’t want to.

Then I get a message. Training is surprisingly off.

(Monday 14th January)

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