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Thursday, 24 January 2013

High Profile Event

It was a bit slippy slidey today but at least the bus made it in on time.

They seem to have seen sense about the Olympic Stadium at last. Locking it up until 2015 was a ridiculous idea.
Unfortunately this Diamond League meeting that they now intend to move there from Crystal Palace is the same weekend as my club’s dog show and that obviously is a far more high profile event or else I’d be there.

So tonight, squash playing PAR 11, first to 11 points rather than our usual 15. This should suit me because it should be harder to throw away a winning position. It is and I win the first game from a position that he might have reeled me in from if we’d been playing to 15. It should have been 2-0 but I can’t quite cross the line. Probably for the best, if that happened he’d want to change the system back.

From there onwards it’s clearly better for my opponent too, once he’s realised he has to concentrate from the off, to my detriment.

(Thursday 24th January)

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