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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Plan Goes Awry

It’s difficult to judge the weather this week. A lot of rain and wind is forecast. I deduce that today might not be a good bike day, so decide to run from work.

That plan kind of goes awry when about three miles into my run my calf goes really tight. When it does that it either loosens up again as I run or tears... I proceed with caution, slowly and neither happens. It just gets tighter.

Then just as I’m considering aborting and getting a bus, the bus goes past me. It's twenty minutes to the next one, so I might as well walk/hobble for a bit to see how it goes. It doesn’t. Twenty minutes of hobbling later I get the next bus, which then crawls in traffic all the way into Nottingham. It’s one of those days.

Back home, I have an ice pack on it when L walks in. She’s shocked, clearly thinking it must be seriously broken if I’m taking such remedial action. Honestly, you try and be sensible (for once), like your partner has encouraged you to be and what do you get? Your partner’s finger hovering over the ‘9’ key on the phone about to press it three times.

This has all happened because it’s the Alsager 5 mile race this Sunday and I thought it was about time we did a race, now the ice has all gone. I only entered us yesterday and then the very next day... bang.

(Tuesday 29th January)

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