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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

125th Anniversary

L is in London today, so I walk the boys. I think this bored MD a bit as we didn't see anyone to bark at. Then I get the bus into work as I plan to run afterwards.

The football fixtures are out and Derby get a opening home game against Blackburn Rovers. This has been ‘engineered’ by the Football League to celebrate this 125th anniversary. 
Both clubs were founder members of the league back in 1888-1889. Similarly Burnley and Bolton Wanderers will face each other. Unfortunately for us this means the attentions of Sky TV and a Sunday 4pm kick off. Well at least it’s not the dreaded Saturday 5:15 slot.

It’s really hot so a short jog to Chaddesden leaves me sweating but thankfully the bus driver still let me on. I get off in Stapleford and run the five or so miles home from there. Its goes relatively well but it was only a small distance.

L gets back from London just after I get home, wearing a very sassy summer dress. In some ways it seems a shame to have to remove it.

(Wednesday 19th June)

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