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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Security Breached

I finally manage to break in to our local Primary School. Oddly today the high security gates are wide open, as is the main entrance and I waltz straight up to the main office unopposed and leave the Active Kids vouchers on the unattended desk. 

It’s not quite the ‘milk tray man’ operation I expected. I haven’t seen a soul and could now go for a free wander around the school but resist. There’s probably an army of storm troopers due any minute.

It’s a bit cooler on the bike today, in fact there seems to be a bit of rain in the air but thankfully it doesn’t come to anything.

Tonight, more dog training and L runs with Sweatshop who do free runs several nights a week. Even the hard sell on their gear doesn’t appear to be that hard because L hasn't come back with anything yet.

(Wednesday 5th June)

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