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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Pleasant Floral Bouquet

L fears for her life on the park this morning as the deer turn nasty. Correction, they’re always nasty. The dogs protected her of course, I imagine MD barely had his paws on the ground with indignation. In Doggo’s case his protecting would have been interspersed with frequent checks on the floral bouquet of the plant life of the surrounding area. He does like a good sniff. L says she’ll never venture on that park again. 

Seems she’s not the only one having deer problems or perhaps they’re just having Tesco problems.

By late afternoon, the weather is clouding over nicely. You can tell I’m on the bike today.

I arrive home late, having had one of those minor issues of the type we don't speak about. Yes, the ‘p’ word. Which I had to deal with in the driving rain. Luckily I make it to a bus shelter and it’s a decent one too, made of brick. None of this metal and plastic rubbish that just lets the wind and rain blow through. This is a proper old school bus shelter, which made the repair job so much easier. I was just glad that no one wanted to use it to catch a bus.

On the way to dog training I drop off wetsuit number one at the local Spar, from where it will be dispatched back to Wiggle, free of charge, using the Collect+ system. It all seems far too easy and convenient.

(Wednesday 12th June)

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