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Monday, 17 June 2013

That Monday Feeling

Back at work today with the old bones aching a touch but improving slowly. I convey a brief synopsis of my weekend activities to a few bemused colleagues.

After another weekend away, Doggo is again on hunger strike. He takes Monday mornings worse than L and I do.

MD on the other hand is glad to be back, or perhaps simply glad to be anywhere, and is apparently well fired up on his walk this morning. L wishes me good luck with him at training tonight. 

An interesting article on the BBC about wine corks. Not sure it’s snobbery but I avoid screw top wines like the plague. Milk has those silly foil tops, beer has its crown tops and wine has its cork. That’s just the way it is, its tradition, why change.

As for old corks smelling of wet dog. Hardly. Clearly they are not as familiar as us with Eau de wet dog as we are.

I try and pay the Windermere car park online. Yet again their cameras haven’t seen us arrive, only leave. I think of a number and pay it.

(Monday 17th June )

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