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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Literary Matters

As I cycle to work I almost get wiped out by one of those street cleaning vehicles which was driving down the wrong side of the road and stalking the entrance to the footpath at the bottom of Harrow Gardens. It’ll never get down there, I struggle to get my bike though those metal barriers.

Sure enough the chap has to get out of his vehicle and resort to using a brush. Unfortunately for him, L and the boys are following behind me on their morning walk. So MD gets chance to give him a right good telling off on my behalf.

In the evening both L and I are at literary events. What a cultured pair we are. L’s book club has a guest author while I’m at Nottingham Playhouse to see the journalist David Walsh promoting his book about his outing of Lance Armstrong. It’s a fascinating evening, although most of what he tells us is in his book, which I have already read. 

The most interesting bit is when he comes back for an encore and does a Q&A, in which we move on to more recent issues. Like British Cycling president Brian Cookson emerging as a challenger to the discredited head of the International Cycling Union (UCI) Pat McQuaid. That could get interesting.

(Tuesday 11th June)

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