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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Annual Pocket Empting

The car is in for its annual MOT and service today. Presumably this will accompanied by the usual annual pocket empting by the garage.

Actually, when a couple of things reappear on the service, things that I didn’t have done last year, the garage honours the prices they quoted me a year ago. Wow. Then they also decide to honour the promised discount from three weeks ago when I had my tyres done. Wow. Business must be really good.

Something called the Monster Swim is happening in Loch Ness at about the same time as we’re in Scotland during August. No further comment.
Squash is back, although only temporarily as I’m crying off for the next few weeks to watch L in the Nottingham Grand Prix runs. It was not a good performance. No further comment.

(Thursday 20th June)

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