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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Last Minute Practice

Despite a good soaking yesterday, I manage to dry off most of my kit and ride into work again today. 

Today’s first problem is not the rain but the wind as I’m faced with a headwind all the way. There is rain around lunch time, which is pretty torrential but somehow we miss it on our lunchtime pub trip. I have a suspicion that it’s saving itself for my cycle home.

I’m wrong though, the second problem of the day turns out to be whether I’d fixed yesterday’s puncture correctly and not trapped the new tube in the rim. Nope. So, on the way home I have another flat. At least this time it’s dry and sunny, so I should be able to make a better job of it this time.

Despite that mishap I still head to the pool for a swim. It's less a case of last minute practice before Saturday’s Great North Swim and more a case of needing to get my two sessions a month in to get the cash back. Squash is off again due to my opponent having some coving related injury or something. He really should give up decorating. 

(Thursday 13th June)

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