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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Crime Scene

Today I enter L and myself into the Nottingham Big Swim. This arrived in my inbox a few days ago from L with ‘please do me’ tattooed across its forehead. It’s at Holme Pierrepont which will be the scene of the crime for next year’s Half Ironman. So why put off floundering in their rowing strip for ten months when I can do it next weekend. Sorted. Entered.

Talking of crime scenes. Daughter heads off to prison today to be fingerprinted. How exciting. That’s assuming red lights don’t start flashing on police computer when they scan them in to CRB check her. She's going to be doing volunteer work there from September.

The Brunswick are on a final warning as regards our pub lunches. Far too many times they have taken the full lunch hour to deliver our food. Not today though, it comes in ten minutes and earns them a reprieve. Although this does remove our excuse for having a second drink, so we’ll just have to think of another one.

I cycle home, where I have one of L’s ‘burnt’ buns as a pick me up before we head out again. That’s her description, not mine. They are wonderful, she burns them so nicely. Then it’s off to Rushcliffe Country Park for the second round of the Grand Prix series which is held, as is tradition, in the rain.

L records a cracking time and pronounces the 5k course as ‘short’. You’d never hear me saying something like that.

(Thursday 27th June)

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