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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Almost Magnificent

At yet another dog show today, Doggo starts our day off with his usual reliable clear round and therefore saves the day before MD has even gotten out of the car.

When MD is finally called upon to perform and does his first run, it’s actually a rather good one. Perhaps the cartoon that Daughter sent to us yesterday was a prediction...
Although ultimately we had nothing to show for it. We were really flying when we/I made a miscalculation at obstacle sixteen and we got eliminated. Damn, we were just four obstacles from the finish and those first fifteen were awesome.

Then another good run but a pole down in his second run denied us what would have been 6th place.

Then in his third the judge, incorrectly in my opinion, faulted us on the dog walk. Without that we would have had the fastest time so far and good enough in the end for second. Referees...

It’s all on video as my Dad came to support and to record everything for posterity, so I will check later. Meanwhile back home, L is at ParkRun recording a new PB. Bravo.

Our last run is utter rubbish, although he looked tired and hot. We’re well pleased with the others though.

We stay in again tonight, ahead of the Loughborough Half tomorrow. So pasta and chocolate pudding is the order of the evening. Along with some almost AF wine, it was only 5.5% ABV. Which when you think about is actually that same sort of strength as Old Peculiar...

(Saturday 8th June)

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