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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Drowning Practice

I need to do a gym or a swim before Sunday otherwise I won’t get my cash back come year end. I also need to do a swim because, well, I need to do a swim. So it looks like it’s a swim tonight then. I drive to work, then afterwards to the pool. No bike today because we’re due in Sheffield later.

At the pool I embark on a bit of drowning practice. The idea being that if I hold myself underwater until I’m gasping for air then that is effectively emulating the situation I found myself in at Lake Windermere. The aim then it to get my breath back whilst swimming. I have some limited success with this.

I also experiment with something the experts called ‘sighting’, this is actually ‘looking where you’re going’ and isn’t as easy as it sounds. Again I have some limited success with this.

L is in the gym and meets me for a mocha afterwards. Then we head home to collect the dogs before we head north. First though I try on wetsuit number three which has arrived. It’s better than the first two, certainly more arm room. Still strangles me though but I’ll give it a go...

Daughter has advised, well insisted actually, that moving her to her new accommodation tonight will be easier without the dogs... but what's life without a bit of difficulty? So we take the dogs and they’re pleased to see her. I think she’s pleased to see them.

Oddly we get all the stuff Daughter wants to move into the car along with both dogs and the three of us in it as well. I was expecting this to take two loads, if not three. In fact I’d considered hiring a van. So just what has she done with all her stuff? Actually, who cares. I’m all for the very easy moving operation that it was.

At her new place I can see what the previous occupants have done with the stuff their parents couldn’t fit in the car. It’s all in the cellar. A very large rather gruesome cellar, which would have been renovated into two more bedrooms had I been the landlord.

Then we take Daughter for a birthday meal, well we get a Chinese takeaway, which enables the dogs to share some well earned prawn crackers.

(Wednesday 26th June)

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