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Thursday 6 June 2013

Getting Fitter...

L is shattered and so am I, so we must getting fitter then...

I take a day off cycling but not for that reason. I drive in so that I can collect the wetsuit that has been delivered to work.

When I try it on at home, it’s more like a straitjacket than a wetsuit or perhaps that’s just how you wear them. When I show it to L she agrees it’s perhaps a bit on the tight side, so I go straight back to the computer to order a bigger one.

Finally we get restarted on the squash. I did half expect another cancellation from my opponent due to the likely high temperature and humidity on the unventilated courts but no we go ahead and play. We couldn’t have got outdoors for tennis anyway as the Nottingham Open (or whatever it’s called now) is on at the moment.

In the end it’s not even that hot and humid on court, well no worse than in winter when they’ve got the heating on full blast. Perhaps we're just now conditioned for all weathers.

L suggests we skip food and pretend its Friday. She says it feels like we never see each other. Well that’s because we’re too busy trying to get fit so that we can keep up with each other. 

Calling today Friday also presents the problem of what do we then call tomorrow? 

(Thursday 6th June)

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