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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Brought Into Line

A day at home today. L doesn’t even 'storm' out of bed to do her Parkrun. Which isn’t really the way to get the t-shirt for doing 50 of them. Not that the boys and I complain. None of us get out of bed until noon.

Then it’s tennis and cycling all the way. Wins for Robson, Murray and some of our doubles teams at Wimbledon and someone wedging a bus under the finish line at the Tour de France.

In between I attack the jungle in our garden. My attempts to bring the hedge into line is thwarted by the hard work my Dad’s ancient hedgecutters make of it. In the end I give up and go buy a new pair from B&Q. Everything is suddenly much easier, particularly on my arms because the new cutters are a fraction of the weight of the old ones. 

(Saturday 29th June)

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