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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Much Nicer Than The Non-Best Bike

In view of the fact that I’m doing the 100 mile Nottinghamshire Bike Ride on Sunday, I get the best bike and give it a spin to work. The tyres needed inflating and the battery in the bike computer is dead but other than that it’s in tip top shape. It’s so much nicer than the non-best bike. 

I avoid the A52 on it, mainly because there’s been lots of glass down there recently and I suspect that’s what may have caused last week’s puncture. So I take no risks.

This is probably a very un-PC thing to say about the trail of the abduction of the girl who cannot be named but I can’t wait for the film...

I get home and embark on a gardening blitz, all this rain and sun has sent the garden haywire. Bring back winter!

(Tuesday 18th June)

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