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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Continuing To Train, Sort Of

L has a day off, I think she’s just dodging work but it may be to get ready for the holiday by baking raspberry buns and to become a redhead again. I hope the colouring doesn’t run in Loch Lomond or in the Scottish mist.

I continue to sort of train, sort of. I bike to work and then swim. At least that’s my two swim sessions a month done already. I also manage to get a bike locker this week. Two of the four are broken and the other week the other two were full. Instead I had to lock my bike to L’s with my padlock, which is all I usually bring with me. This time I bring a full lock and chain but don’t need it as a locker is free, which is lucky as L isn’t there.

(Wednesday 14th August)

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