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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Cuckoo's Calling And Oban Too

This morning we leave for holiday and travel up to Oban. As is often the case on these long journeys we take an audiobook with us. L nominated the new JK Rowling... I wasn’t initially keen but this is the new incognito as man private detective story ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ written under the name Robert Galbraith and its very very good. It's really sad that people felt the need to expose her as the author.
Having arrived in Oban, we’ve just got to wait a week now to find out the conclusion. 

Oban is a place that we haven’t really visited before, only passed through. So this year we've dedicated two nights and one day to Oban. Perhaps this is a mistake, it’s a strange place. A mix of industrial estates, housing estates with a ferry terminal and a permanent traffic jam. We camp at the back of one of the industrial/housing estates at Roseview campsite, in what is actually quite an idyllic location.

I’m not sure L is terribly impressed though. We’ve only had the tent up five minutes and I come back from checking out the facilities to find she’s set fire to it. A night or even a week in a 5 star hotel isn’t obtained quite that easily though. I get out the tent repair kit. Pretty soon, with the aid of patches, glue and some safety pins, it’s almost as good as new. 
(Thursday 15th August)

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