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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Illogical Rules Of Combat

The local bus war intensifies as the YourBus army moves into Heanor. Oh good the locals think, a long last an improvement on the one bus an hour. Ha ha, if only. Yes you now have two buses an hour but both at the same time. Welcome to the illogical rules of combat.

I can’t see how YourBus hope to make any money with such negative tactics, I mean it hasn’t worked for Derby County. They also won’t make any money if they refuse to punch my ticket on the CityLink, even when I try to insist. Oh well, I’ll just have to use it again then.

L complains of hearing voices and clearly thinks she’s going nuts. Until she finds out she’s left her ipod on... hilarious. What’s worse is she’s now lost her place in her audiobook.

I run from work. I think I’ve now hiked the distance up to about 9.5 miles. I keep adding bus stops to the distance each time I run before hopping on one.

One more day at work and then it’s off to Coll and Tiree for a week, incorporating the Coll Half Marathon and the Loch Lomond swim en route. Just a typical trip away.

(Tuesday 13th August)

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