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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I’m In...

I’m in...

L asks if I'm pleased?

I'm not sure.Ask me again in June, this is of course the Outlaw Half on 1st June next year, or maybe ask me again in March when I’m trying to cram in the training whilst all the roads are covered in snow and ice.

She also asks if she can be my understudy in case I snap my calf again and then my entry won't go to waste. I’m happy to share my training schedule with my understudy; we could train side by side. For some reason she finds that though quite amusing.

The next time I look at the website, to check if the humongous amount I’d paid was actually for the half and that I’d not entered the full by mistake, I see that the event is already full and was so by 10am this morning. Blimey.

I run tonight but keep it a bit shorter and get on the bus at Risley, so that’s about 7.5 miles. L walks the deadly duo down to meet me off the bus.

(Wednesday 28th August)

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