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Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Final Frontier

We could theoretically have spent another day or two in Scotland but, oh no, I had to go and ruin it by insisting on a day out at a dog show back at Catton Park. It was actually MD’s fault for qualifying for the Jumping Cup Final that is being held there this evening. The final will be late in the day at around 5.30pm and we've got a day of normal competition before that, as way of a warm up.

Qualifying was quite a shock believe me but just shows what MD can do on a good day. I don’t expect today to be another one. Then again... the little sod flies around his first jumping course of the day paw perfect. Absolutely brilliant. Where has he been hiding that? Clearly his holiday has done him good. We lead for two hours before the late comers suspiciously put us down to 5th.

He follows that up with a 10th place in another run, a hard luck story in another and a complete disaster in the fourth. I put him back in the car and tell him to rest up for his final.

Doggo then does his two runs, majestically as usual but too slow for a rosette. Then it’s thumb twiddling time as we wait for hot shot's final to come around.

We are drawn 21st of 36 dogs, so I sit down to watch the first few run. The course is reasonably straightforward for a final but quite a few people struggle with it and look nervous doing so.

No nerves from us, what will be will be and won’t won’t. Just fingers crossed it’s not too embarrassing. As it happens, MD goes off like a rocket and recreates his brilliance from this morning. Paw perfect again. We don’t win of course but we do come 6th which is very pleasing. So we’re on speaking terms tonight.

(Sunday 25th August)

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