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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Incidents We Don't Talk About

Today, on the bike, I have one of those incidents that L doesn’t allow me to talk about, which makes me a bit late for work.

I actually did a wheel change this morning and took my front wheel off my best bike because the one on the bike I commute on is so buckled. Thankfully it wasn’t that wheel, it was the rear. Probably because my tyres are so full of holes. I really must get some new ones.

It’s Yorkshire Day today. Our spy in Yorkshire (Daughter) says we should be eating pie ‘n’ peas and washing it down with Yorkshire ale. Sadly not in the Brunswick. They’ve ‘upgraded’ their food menu and have taken the pies off it. Now everything has fancy names, is twice the price and cannot possibly be delivered within the constraints of a lunch hour.

The Waterfall has already done this to us. Clearly somebody doesn’t want us to go out for lunch.

My colleague and I have a sandwich each, which they do with a side portion of chips. This delicacy costs considerably more than a generous helping of pie, chips and peas used to. How can that be right?

Tennis tonight and we have the wheelchairs ready to go just in case that particular tournament is still running but knowing our luck the centre will have been booked out by the Asian Women’s Blind Tennis Association for their annual tournament instead. I check and they haven’t, at least not this week.

So we get to play and ‘enjoy’ a rather hot game. That’s temperature wise not skill wise. Then afterwards we enjoy (without ironic quote marks) a welcome pint in the Victoria. 

(Thursday 1st August)

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