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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sheep Like Hordes

While the sheep like hordes of agility competitors head up to the usual first weekend of August meet up a Scunthorpe, I head south to Rushden & District Dog Club’s Barking Mad Agility Weekend. Says it all really.

The show is nearer to me than Scunthorpe but only because it’s not in Rushden and is actually just outside Peterborough, close to the A1.

MD has been drawn numbers 1, 5 and 51 in three classes which all kick off simultaneously at 8.30am in three different rings. This is not physically possible for man or dog, in more ways than one.

We give it our best shot when some other people would simply not have bothered to adhere to the rules at all. Many a time I have been helping out on a ring and the person drawn number 1 has turned up two hours after the start. So, three runs in just over an hour - one clear and two lots of five faults. So not too bad.

It was a shame about the faffing around in the clear one because that clear got him 6th place. If he hadn’t faffed around it might have been top 3. In fact, if he didn’t faff we’d be deadly.

Then... a big gap. On his last run, four hours later, I get him eliminated by sending him over the wrong jump. Oops. Totally my fault. It was an audacious move and you win some you lose some, so they say. Mostly lose for us actually.

Then finally, just Doggo to run. Who goes clear naturally.

L’s stayed at home today being a proper scrubber. Housework. Bless. I rush home to save her from herself and to throw myself between her and the spider, with whom she says she’s having words in the bathroom.

(Saturday 3rd August)

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