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Friday 2 August 2013

I Can Feel Another T-Shirt Coming On

I opt to rest the legs today and take the bus into work, ahead of my sprint triathlon on Sunday.

L is at pump class in the evening or whatever it’s called because it’s not called that even though that's what it is. She asks if I fancy chilling a bottle of wine or perhaps meeting her down the pub afterwards. Either sounds good to me.

I get home and go to get some wine, then we've got both options covered. Ah. We don’t have any white wine. It’ll be the pub then. So the boys and I head down to the Wollaton.

L cycles down to meet us. She’s gradually chipping off the km from her 5000km target. In fact, I can feel another t-shirt coming on. We celebrate another 3k off her target with some drinks and a meal.

(Friday 2nd August)

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