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Thursday, 8 August 2013

An Endangered Species

No ‘P’ words this morning. I survived and my tyres survived. It seems though that this is less of a miracle than for L’s tyres. One of which appears to be almost totally bald. You can see threads through what little rubber is left on it. Blimey, she must have used her bike more than we thought.

Pub lunch at the Brunswick and the blackboard says that pie, chips and peas is back, temporarily. Very temporarily. 'Only three left' it says. We have two of them and the chap behind us has the third. Where did they find these, at the back of the freezer? They’re clearly an endangered species as the price increase from £5.00 to £7.95 demonstrated. Exactly the same meal though. Well, perhaps with extra gravy but a bit overpriced at £2.95.

No matter, they’ll be no more the grumpy barman tells us after admitting they’re a best seller but the new owner has other, new owner sort of, ideas.

Tennis tonight. 4-6 4-6. Sort of enjoyed it but I enjoyed the pint in the Victoria afterwards more.

(Thursday 8th August)

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