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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Good To Be Back

I arrive back at work to be greeted by the expected mass of emails. However once I’d removed about 500 junk ones, the email pile wasn’t too deep unless that I removed some vital ones with the junk by mistake...

Of the remainder, most are ones that have been shovelled on to me by other people in the company. I shovel most of them back from whence they came as delicately as I can.

Commonwealth Games tickets have gone on sale while we were away, so today I put in for a few sessions of athletics. I think with these you don’t want to put in for too many sessions because unlike the Olympics there’s a chance you might actually get them and end up with a very large bill.

Another thing I’ve missed while we’ve been away is registration for the Outlaw Half Ironman, my supposed project for next year. An email went out last week about pre-registering and although I received it on my phone because it was in disguise as one of their usual circulars I didn’t open it.

This was a big mistake because entries opened this morning but only to people who had pre-registered. Entries for everyone else open at 9am tomorrow, if they’re any left. Perhaps they’re trying to tell me something... not that I’ve actually been rejected yet.

In the evening I go with my father to watch Derby play Brentford in the second round of the League Cup. Derby win 5-0 and were very impressive, even though Brentford rested their entire first team and turned up with a reserve side. Still, you can only beat what’s in front of you.

(Tuesday 27th August)

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