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Thursday 21 November 2013

A Bit Of A Cough

On the bus again because my health isn’t great. Cough cough.

L questions whether I’ll be able to breathe during squash tonight. Of course not but then I always struggle to breathe during squash. I’ve just got a bit of a cough and sore throat. It won’t hold me back.

My opponent is as well as me e.g not very. Both of us are wheezing and reaching for drinks every few points.

Then at 2-1 down and into a fourth game, my knee gives way and I retire at the end of the fourth game. At least we're in the pub early.

L again walks the boys home after running with the Sweatshop people. The boys seems thrilled when I pre-warn them but then they’re probably just thinking of all the discarded chips they’ll find along the way. I meet her at home after lubricating the sore throat with Navigation Stout.

(Thursday 21st November)

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