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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

More Manageable

It’s cold this morning but I’m on the bike.

At work they have dug everything off a backup tape, so at least now we have something to do. We are now using a standard PC to serve 20 odd staff members and it's quicker than the old server was... which says everything about the state of the old server.

After work we head up to Sheffield for a swim. I believe the distance I have to swim in my half ironman is the equivalent of 76 lengths of the local pool here at John Carroll. Gulp. At Ponds Forge it’s only 38. Much more manageable, at least that’s the theory.

It would have been easier had I not cycled today but at least I avoid getting cramp, which plagued me for most of the last Sheffield session we did because I’d cycled a few hours earlier.

It generally goes well and afterwards we pop round to Daughter’s for a coffee.

(Tuesday 19th November)

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