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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Art Of Lane Sharing

I take the car to work so that I can go for my weekly swim afterwards with fresh legs. I promptly forget my swimming kit and have to go back which freaked the dogs out who were just settling down for a mega kip.

Amazingly at the pool later I get a lane to myself which saves me from the problem L was highlighting this morning. She says that men are a bit all over the place when it comes to lane sharing as they cannot swim in a straight line, meaning she often comes home black and blue after having shared a lane with one. I do agree but I think women are rubbish at swimming straight as well, it’s just don’t hurt as much when you collide with them. Personally I always get tangled up in the line ropes which maims no one but myself and gives everyone a good laugh at the same time.

Back home we opt for a naughty take away although our favoured online service ‘Fill My Belly’ appears to be no more. They have been taken over by ‘Just Eat’ who add a £1 delivery charge and then a 50p credit card charge. So I shop around and use ‘Hungry Horse’ instead who are cheaper because they don’t have the credit card charge. Still I can see the old fashioned traditional ring them up way could be making a comeback.

Then we settle down for some more ‘White Queen’ shenanigans. 

(Friday 29th November)

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