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Thursday 14 November 2013

Money For Old Rope

On the bike again today but this time it was bloody windy. I cycled all the way to work with it against me.

At the pub over lunch I finally take the plunge and risk the Roast beef, mushroom and Stilton baguette. I’m not expecting anything to be wrong with it, it’s just that when it takes them an hour to deliver a ham sandwich I thought steak was asking for trouble.

In the end it comes punctually and very nice it was too.

Derby County are to rename Pride Park the ‘iPro Stadium’. Not that anyone knows what an iPro is. Turns out it’s nothing to do with Apple and it's a new sports drink company. That’s an already crowded market so I’m not sure they’ll see out the 10 year sponsorship deal but I guess that’s their lookout. I quite like that it’s a company nobody has ever heard of and probably never will. Money for old rope really. Nobody except the media ever use these new names anyway and there’s a simple reason why the ground is known as Pride Park because that’s where it is.

Another poor game of squash from me. During which L walks the boys home in an attempt to wear them out. One of them in particular. Last night's training seems to have had no effect on MD’s energy levels at all. He’s really got it on him at the moment. 

(Thursday 14th November)

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