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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rule Of Thumb

I collect the bike, which looks as if it’s been fixed. I’ll give it a spin tomorrow.

Tonight is swim night. Although L asks if I’ve managed to talk myself out of it yet? Of course not. It’s in the diary now every Tuesday until June, prior bookings excepted.

L is in the gym as the same time tonight, she did her swim this morning when she complained of seven in the pool because of the hold up that causes in the showers afterwards. Particularly the bikini clad ones because apparently the rule of thumb is the briefer the swim suit, the longer it takes to shampoo and shower. 

Never mind seven in the pool, I bet they’ll be seven in my lane tonight but we don’t have problems with the showers. The unspoken rule in our showers is 30 seconds maximum and very few dare venture in to the showers with shampoo. If you have shampoo you tend to wait until everyone else has finished.We also take a dim view of any men wearing a bikini.

As it happens the pool is very quiet tonight, perhaps everyone is at a Bonfire Night party. Afterwards I give L a lift home, managing to squeeze her in alongside the bike and the shower screen I’ve bought.

(Tuesday 5th November)

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