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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Free weekends are becoming a frequent guilty pleasure. Being permanently crocked does seem to have some benefits. 

John Lewis due disrupt a potential record breaking lie-in by delivering a new set of CD shelves I’ve ordered at an eye wateringly early 7.10am. Which, I suppose, was better than hanging around all day waiting for them to turn up.

I look at what they’ve delivered and assume they must be flat packed as the box is way too small but no, the shelves simply turn out to be a lot smaller than I expected. About a quarter of the size actually. Bugger, I’m going to need about four of these. That'll teach me to measure up first. Well it won't but it ought to.

After a park session, I start filling them and aligning everything alphabetically with the smart new index cards I’ve also bought. Luckily the shelves prove to be a bit of a Tardis and swallow up a large proportion of our amassed collection. I think just one more set will be needed.

We stay in tonight as L, the uninjured one, is running the Coalville10k tomorrow and I also have loads of stuff to print of for tomorrow dog club AGM.

(Saturday 30th November)

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