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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Another Mention Of Christmas And It's Still Only Mid November.

My training regime hasn’t been good recently. No training at all from Friday to Monday and only a swim on Tuesday. So it’s a relief to be on the bike today. Particularly as an unannounced closure to Coventry Lane causes chaos. Glad I’m not sat in that in the car.

Its perfect conditions for cycling. Slightly cold but dry and sunny.

It’s around this time of year that L starts requesting venison for Christmas lunch on the basis that one less of the brutes on Wollaton Park has got to be a good thing and one less for MD to bark at.

Although there is an alternative offer on the table from L’s boss in the shape of a couple of freshly shot pheasants. Apparently he's even offered to have his stable girl pluck them for us. 

I’m impressed. More so by the fact that he has a stable girl than by the pheasant offer. How cool. Maybe we should get one?

Although perhaps to have a stable girl one needs a stable. We do have a shed, although that's not quite got the same ring to it.

(Wednesday 13th November)

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