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Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Quiet Revolution

I limp the boys around park, trying to kick their footballs with my good leg without standing on the bad one. Not easy. The calf tightness has eased but my knee is terrible.

L and I get back into the quiet revolution at home. Basically L paints while I chuck things away. I take a load of old CD racks to the tip in readiness for the one big new one I’ve purchased. The spare room looks almost empty now.

We head into Nottingham in the evening and first to the Falcon Inn on Canning Circus, a long standing real ale pub that’s never really been much good for any length of time. Once a Shipstones house, it’s had a variety of owners and a variety of business plans since. None of which have worked.

The one business plan that they hadn't tried was the entitled simply ‘sell good beer’. Enter Hucknall’s Lincoln Green Brewery, who have only been brewing since May 2012, and Adrian Draper, licensee at Fellows Morton & Clayton.

The result is eight ales across the bar and a packed pub. We somehow find a seat and settle in for a session on the jewel of their crown, Lincoln Green’s own Tuck. This is a 4.7% Porter and it’s awesome. Suddenly Nottingham has its own Old Peculiar.
We were originally on our way to the Peacock for some of the aforementioned but honestly this is better. Three pints later we do eventually leave for the Peacock, just for a point of comparison you understand.

We’ll be back soon though; Lincoln Green’s website says that they have two 5.5% ales coming up next. A butterscotch flavoured dark ale and a Christmas cake flavoured winter special.

When we do get to the Peacock the actual Old Peculiar isn’t as good at all, mainly because it’s a bit ‘old’ tonight. We should have stayed put.

We round the evening off with a curry at the Noor.

(Saturday 16th November)

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