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Friday, 8 November 2013

Bad Girl Instincts

The old back injury, that I didn't know I had, flares up overnight. Yes I did something when pulling up the tent pegs back in May but it's been fine since. I was just lying in bed. Yes, just lying there.

L nurses me back to health, forces paracetamol down me and applies a hot water bottle to the affected area. She would make a good nurse, if only she had the outfit.

I recover enough to head off to work but decide it's perhaps best to skip my planned run tonight.

L checks regularly on my condition via email and utters sweet nothings such as ‘take two paracetamol every four hours’. Hmmm. Do I look like a druggie?

She even makes rice pudding in the evening, which at first I think is to be used as a soothing poultice on my injured back but is actually served in a bowl with ice cream. Any excuse to get ice cream into the house. I do try to quell her bad girl instincts but it’s all in vain.

(Friday 8th November)

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