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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brakes? Who Needs Them

I give my now repaired bike (for a second time) a go. It seems to pedal ok and all the gears work but what have they done to the brakes? Luckily I don’t use them much.

It’s chucking it down by the time I come to cycle home and brakes suddenly become more important but also less effective. Still, looking at the horrendous traffic queues it’s still far better than driving.

L has headed over to Derby to visit her brother in hospital so there’s not even anyone to towel me down when I get home. Well, just the two four-legged towels with tongues that are willing to attempt to lick anyone's legs dry.

Ultimately it’s that wet, that two tongues are not nearly enough and we have to leave for dog training before the job is done.

(Wednesday 6th November)

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