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Thursday 4 June 2015

Another Trip To The Dark Side

Another day on the bike and then a trip to the dark side. Tennis. 

We have to take our opportunities when we can. The Tennis Centre is open this week but then closed until the 29th June for tournaments. It’s great they are attracting tournaments and this will in turn encourage people to play, if only they could get a court. You'd think they’d allow some public play and not be closed for a whole three weeks at the height of the season. It’s not even that they’ll be using the hard courts as all the tournaments are on the grass.

My opponent arrives with a new set of incredibly high bouncing tennis balls, a snip at only £1.99 for three. The phrase you get what you pay for springs to mine. What we also didn’t pay for are ball girls dressed in fetish wear like the ones at the French Open. I do like the tournament director’s style. 

After a bit of drubbing in set one, I’m quite pleased with a 0-6 6-3 3-6 defeat.  

L walks the dogs up, just as we are finishing. They are quite partial to a post-tennis pint in the Victoria.

(Thursday 4th June)

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