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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Glastonbury 2015 - Day 1

After a hearty buffet breakfast in the Ibis, as I said we’re slumming it, it’s off back to Bristol Temple Meads status and a train to Castle Cary. Castle Cary is the local train station for the Glastonbury festival.

The train is packed but not with people. Most of our carriage space is taken up by the thousands of cans of Strongbow and Fosters that most folk seem to be taking with them. It must be a good sign if you can’t buy anything that bad at the Festival and so they’re having to take their own.

We arrive at Castle Cary to face a huge queue for the buses to the festival site.

‘Excuse me are you for Worthy View?’

I think they’re talking to us glampers.

‘Follow me please’  

Cue a massive queue jump. In fact as we are the only customers for Worthy View on our train we get a bus to ourselves. Royalty or what?

We are dropped outside the festival entrance where we are quickly wrist banded, although we have to give up the beautiful tickets with our photos on them.

Then we are directed to our tent, one of many arranged in nice neat rows. Our five star accommodation is called a two person Scout Tent, although it’s certainly more roomy that our own tent or perhaps that’s just the lack of dogs.

Worthy View is impressive in having its own showers, toilets, shops, bar, several eateries and security to keep the riff-raff out (I mean the rest of the 170,000 punters). We have a beer to celebrate our incarceration as well as to toast the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts which is 45 years old and, well,  here we are. They have Otter Ales in the bar, that’ll do nicely.

Worthy View is at the top of a big hill, which while having the added insurance that we are unlikely to get flooded out also offers a great views of the massive Glastonbury site below which you can watch from the bar with a jar in your hand. 

The hill will also keep us fit even if it isn’t as fearsome as some folk would have you believe. We head down to the festival to have a wander around the site. Most of the stalls seem open already but equally there are many things that are still being constructed.

We decide to catch a film in the Pilton Palais tent where we watch Kingsman with Colin Firth and Michael Caine. No personally you understand, they are in it.

One thing we aren’t going to struggle for is food. There must be hundreds of food outlets. Most are pretty inventive and even healthy. We should be able to eat our way around the world this week and we start with Jamaican Jerk tonight.

We also check out the Stone Circle and then get trapped in it by the lively crowd that has gathered. Now is perhaps a good time to escape, only that security won’t let us back up to Worthy View. Health and Safety you know, they’re about to let off the opening night fireworks.

As the crowd gets bigger and more unruly, eventually they see sense or an impeding riot and let us through. At almost the same second the fireworks start, so that worked well then. At least, once back up the hill, we get a great view.

(Wednesday 24th June)

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