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Thursday 11 June 2015


L asks... even though she hates doing so... but feels she has to... although it goes against the grain... whether I’d mind if she has her hair cut short... to be more like an athlete. 

I’m inconsolable. Actually I thought it was already short, I didn’t think it could be any shorter. I also thought that those girls with ponytails that I’d been chasing on my bike were athletes. Bugger. No, of course I don’t mind.

Our Glastonbury tickets arrive along with their eye catching photos. Hilariously I look like a reject from the Mafia whereas L looks like she’d just got out the bath. She probably had, I can’t remember now when I snapped that one.

She asks for a list of the tents that they'll be at the festival. I misunderstand at first, she doesn’t mean the bands or a plan of where we’re camping. No, she looking for the knitting tent, the Pilates tent, the book tent etc...

I send her a link to last year’s programme. The glass blowing, candle making etc start on page 82. I’m sure knitting and Pilates are in there somewhere.

L goes for a quickie run with a friend but I’m being sensible tonight and skipping squash, to aid recovery and avoid further injury. So L proposes a Faux-Friday instead. So zips up, not that I have any on my shorts and pan out, for the Thai Curry. 

(Thursday 11th June)

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