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Friday, 5 June 2015

Hell On Earth Edges Closer

Tapering again, on the bus. L should be tapering too but cannot resist a weights session. She says she would have felt churlish walking past the gym, so just popped in to pump a few.

I pop to Pride Park Stadium over lunch to collect our tickets for said event - ‘Hell on Earth’ or whatever L’s calling it this week otherwise known as our Ramathon race numbers.

The Outlaw people email me, something about pre-registration for next year... I suppose there's no harm in pre-registering.

The Reading Half people email L about 2016 and we haven’t done that for years. They don’t email me. Do they not want me?

L has received a new phone from O2 this week, another Blackberry, but it's massive. It's almost the size of our TV. She sends it back, as I would have done.

(Friday 5th June)

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