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Tuesday 2 June 2015

Recovery, Training, Tapering... In A Week

How do you fit recovery, training and tapering into just six days? Tricky. Today is day two of recovery, then I hope to be back on the bike on Wednesday. I’m out on the ale tonight and we have close to gale force winds anyway. So I’m well out of it.

I suppose real (professional) athletes would be recovering in style. Lying in bed, listening to the wind and the rain whilst having someone rubbing baby oil into their throbbing calves.

I make do with a few post-work pints in the Brunswick and a meal at the pub that’s not called the Royal Standard anymore. Where they have burgerised their entire menu and taken off the pies, chillis and curries. So we won't be going again as none of us eat burgers.

(Tuesday 2nd June)

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