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Monday 15 June 2015

Unlikely To Be Repeated

L gets on her bike this morning in order to get to the pool in time for a swim. She describes it as short, stop-start, trafficy and it hurt her knee. So went well then... but not likely to be repeated. 

Oddly my own knee is much better today which is a good job really with my second track session scheduled for tonight. Not that it would have stopped me as it’s took me two months to get another place.

It’s an exciting session and includes a mini pile up. One chap goes up the top of the track, forgets to pedal and takes out two others on the way down. Can’t say it’s all his fault, he was stuck in a crowd and didn’t really have many places he could have gone. I think having 16 novices in one session is too many and asking for trouble.

After that we do a Team Pursuit with eight in a team which is good and then practice riding two abreast around the track. The instructor says to attempt to touch shoulders with the other rider... I think not.

From there it’s straight to a dog club committee meeting. Another largely argument free one. What is happening?

(Monday 15th June)

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