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Monday 22 June 2015

Personal Statements

After just finishing one exciting weekend, we get ready for the next one which starts tomorrow. Just the one day at work then in the morning we head to Bristol before hopping over to Glastonbury on Wednesday.

My tennis/squash opponent keeps sending me articles on how to survive Glastonbury. I think he’s jealous really or perhaps he’s just trying to be helpful. It’s good to know that they’re showing Paddington at the on-site cinema, that’s decent replacement for the Foo Fighters.

L’s sister requests to take a look at our kids' personal statements for their University applications. I dig through my email archive and forward on a couple of incomplete drafts complete with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes. Makes you wonder how they got in.

Dog training is cancelled at the last minute due to heavy rain. I think as a form of compensation, L promises to have something hot laid out on the coffee table later. That’ll upset the dogs.

(Monday 22nd June)

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