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Saturday 6 June 2015

Race Prep

Today we have a dog show at Osmaston near Ashbourne but disaster, there's no Ashbourne Parkrun for Ms Obsessive. The nearest is in Derby on Darley Park. So that’s where I drop L after which she buses up to the dog show, stops for lunch, then buses up to Ashbourne to meet a friend. Not the schedule of a geriatric nor really the schedule of someone (quote) saving their battered old knees for the stupid Hellathon (end quote) either.

We'll pick her up later, although she’s assuming we’ll be at the dog show until late, waiting for rosettes... That of course depends on which way MD’s mind is blowing today.

As it turns out, the wrong way. Three eliminations and a five faults in his other run. He wasn’t quite on it today. On one of the runs he got off the seesaw half way, he’s never done that before. Then again the only run the support crew of L and Doggo saw was the five faults one, the best one. Go figure.

At the parkrun L sets a new PB. She asks me to explain the science of last night’s cocktail of wine + passion + Chinese takeaway + brandy = PB. Seems obvious to me. I’m also intrigued as to what tonight’s prep for the Blot on the Landscape tomorrow will be.

(Saturday 6th June)

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